Respect Muay Thai Bulldog Shorts

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Respect Muay Thai Bulldog Shorts

  • Professional shorts ideal for training and competition
  • Wide, short trunks for ease of movement during kicks and knees
  • 7-strip elastic waistband for a snug and comfortable fit
  • 100% Polyester

These shorts are designed and cut to suit contact sports
including kickboxing, muay thai, general workouts and other
sports too. They are made from a polyester mix material and have
a elasticated waist with tie string to secure the shorts. The
design features ensure that the shorts are not a hindrance when
playing contact sports and do not limit kicks and splits.

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000/110cm, 00/120cm, 0/130cm, 1/140cm, 2/150cm, 3/160cm, 4/170cm, 5/180cm, 6/190cm, 7/200cm, 8/210cm


White, Black, Red, Blue


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